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Art of Sport

Art of Sport is a direct-to-consumer body care business that manufactures products for body and skin care designed to benefit all athletes.

Art of Sport, formulated from the ground up by the world’s leading athletes and skincare scientists, sells its lineup of deodorant, bodywash, soap, sunscreen and pain cream items directly through www.artofsport.com to consumers in the United States.

Founder & CEO Matthias Metternich, founding partner Kobe Bryant and co-founder Brian Lee formed Art of Sport in 2018. To help educate the Art of Sport product family, the team collaborated with other world-class athletes from across sports, including NBA MVP James Harden, MLB World Champion Javier Baez, NFL Wide Juju Smith-Schuster Receiver, Sage Erickson Surf King, Ken Roczen Supercross World Champion and Ryan Sheckler Skating Legend.