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Balance of Nature -


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Balance of Nature

Balance of Nature, founded by Dr. Douglas Howard, is an all-natural nutritional supplement company with one mission in mind: to encourage improved health and quality of life through preventive nutrition, research focused on outcomes, and quality education.

In 1997, Dr. Howard proposed the Balance of Nature’s Fruits and Vegetables, adding a holistic approach to the field of nutrition. “Dr. Howard mentioned the following in describing the “Balance of Nature Difference”:

Phytonutrient research has concentrated primarily on vitamins or other single nutrients so far. Proof of health benefits, however, comes from diets rich in fruits and vegetables, NOT individual compounds. Nutrition. Nutrition, The truth is that they work together, in concert, and the slightest shift in this equilibrium will offset the quality of impact it has taken nature to create. Researchers can not tell which phytonturients are the important ones.

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