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In the custom signage and display room, Bannerbuzz and related brands are a community of e-commerce platforms providing high quality products. Bannerbuzz is situated at the crossroads of two of today’s hottest trends: personalisation and e-commerce.

At Bannerbuzz, our goal is to offer exposure to brands through signage. Our corporate and retail clients have access to every possible custom display product to promote themselves, with over 300 products available for every event, festival and trade show. Supported by highly advanced technology, we have a passion for quality and high service levels.

The proprietary design tool of Bannerbuzz is at the core of the technology powering the Platform Bannerbuzz. A state of the art manufacturing facility housing high quality, industry-leading large-format printers is supporting the technology. The effect is a range of high-quality display and advertisement items for small to medium-sized companies that can be purchased online.

We are your one-stop shop for customized signage whether you are a small business owner or a marketing/event professional for an organization.