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Clever Yoga


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Clever Yoga

Past of ours
In Tampa, Florida, Clever Yoga was created in 2014 by a passionate yogi, Ellie Teng. After practicing as a marathon runner, Ellie found yoga and all its profound advantages for the mind and body started to take its toll on her joints. She fell in love immediately, and yoga in life has been her passion and has healed her body. Using the ideals of loving kindness, supreme customer service, and her deep conviction in the vast benefits of yoga, she created Clever Yoga.

The mission of ours
In order to get the most out of your own personal yoga experience, the Smart Yoga team aims to offer you the very best yoga items on the market. We are all enthusiastic Yogis who are totally dedicated to the people Lifestyle yoga. In their goods and accessories, we understand what Yogis are looking for. Our goal is to provide our community with authenticity and fairness with goods, services, and benefits, and from the moment you buy a product, you can feel our warmth and mutual passion.