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CN Hair Accessories


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CN is one of the hair accessories brands focused on the market for girls. With their exclusive, stylish and sophisticated hand-made products, CN provides the world’s children with beautiful and adorable hair accessories.

CN brand is devoted to offering hair bow, hairband, headband, cheerbow, hair clips for trendy, classic girls, ranging from ages one to eighteen. After the birth of their first daughter, who they called Chengna, the brand was founded by John and May. Chengna told her parents in 2005 that she wished to give her classmates Christmas gifts. John and May did not want to disappoint Chengna, despite not having much money to spend on lavish presents, so they chose to make handcrafted gifts Christmas presents made for her classmates from cotton cloth. The next morning, Chengan took her Christmas presents to school a little worried that her gifts would not be received favorably compared to the bought gifts of her school friend. When she saw everyone admiring her hair bows, her worries rapidly turned to happiness and pride. They wanted to continue making them for other kids to enjoy when John and May learned how everyone had enjoyed their hair bows.

John and May collected various styles and colored materials with the assistance of other parents and began their research and design. Their finished products made their hair bows a popu – providing high quality and exclusive designs

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