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We manufacture quality hydration vessels and food containers that preserve the optimum temperature while reducing reliance on plastics for single use. Our devoted employees and our loyal customer base come from product ideas and motivation.

EcoVessel, at the base of the Rocky Mountains, is based in Boulder, Colorado. In 2009, in response to the safety and environmental issues that emerged from the use of plastic water bottles, Jon Fox started EcoVessel. EcoVessel was created after realizing the lack of quality reusable bottle options available to him and his family. Since the beginning, innovation and imagination have been part of our DNA, and our iconic TriMaxTM triple insulated hydration vessels have been independently tested to outperform our rivals

Our vessels and food containers are made of non-leaching materials of high quality and are built for style, durability and convenience. In over 20 countries and on every continent you will find our goods (does Antarctica really count?)