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GPS SmartSole

We were formed as the first Wearable Technology company on a “Big Idea” with a basic concept – to know where someone or something important to us is when we can’t see it at the touch of a button. “We ask every day—”Where are you? “Where is it? Where?” ”.
It’s in our DNA to ask “where”… we ask because we’re hardwired to want to know where we value anyone or anything. We ask where… are my Alzheimer’s mother, my Autism teenager, my mom, my child, my sales reps, my company money, my drone?

At GTX Corp, with a suite of GPS, BLE and NFC monitoring and location-based services, we keep you linked to who and what matters most. Personal Position of our Internet of Things (IoT) Platform Services (PLS) offers solutions ranging from smart, wearable GPS technology, 2-way GPS monitoring systems, BLE, wireless mobile tracking applications to NFC.

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