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Hikers Co.

Before settling on the original HIKERSTM suspender concept, our beer-loving team tinkered with prototypes for weeks using duct tape and staplers. Don’t let your children miss crafts and arts. Those talents are useful.

Wait, however. We get ahead of ourselves. The whole thing began with the following realization…

Belts do not function, and for your wellbeing, they may even be harmful. We’ve got to keep our trousers pulled up. Cinched not on. During the day, they also need adjusting. Belts add weight to your trousers while simultaneously attempting to keep them up. Not the most intelligent design, maybe.

Suspenders, on the other hand, are just as modern as an 8-track in a Ford Pinto. They’re voluminous and slow-moving, To help take on and take off. Many folks, like us, aren’t just staring at the suspenders.