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InstantFigure is a clothing company that sells trendy tops, bottoms, swimwear and accessories as well as the ultimate compression slimming shapewear. The founder of InstantFigure, Monir Jalili, is a fashion industry veteran. She introduced Carabella in 1985, a contemporary range of swimwear, evening wear and sportswear that was available online and through mail order catalogs. The success of Carabella resulted in the 2004 acquisition of ABLambdin, which added to the company contemporary resort missy and women’s sportswear, evening wear and swimwear.

InstantFigure was developed and designed by Monir Jalili and all its labels, including IF PRO USA, La Monir, IS PRO USA, Insta Slim, IS PRO Tactical, ProDoggShirt, InstantRecoveryMD, InstantBeauty