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We are an experienced team of growers, scientists and food industry leaders working hard to bring plant-based goods to customers around the world. At iwi® (“ee-wee”), our mission is: “together, we create sustainable food solutions for everyone and our planet.”

The super crop algae, which is packed with nutrients such as omega-3s and protein, is our secret component and uses resources that would not otherwise be used to expand, such as non-fertile land and salt water. Many people do not know that algae, the essential fatty acids important for human health and well-being, are the original source of omega-3s. Our algae do not need fresh water to grow and are about 300 times more effective Than peas in terms of essential amino acid development.

At Sam’s Club, Sprouts, Vitamin Shoppe, Amazon and other excellent distributors, our omega-3 supplements are available nationwide. They are vegan and 100 percent organic, non-GMO. (Clinical trials confirm that more omega-3s from iWi can be consumed by humans than from fish or krill oil.)

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