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Lightake.com is an online B2C shop that serves our clients with outstanding items. Online shopping at the cheapest price with a large range of cool gadgets. With freeshipping Magic Cubes, LED &lamp, tablet PCs & MID, mobile phones, car electronics, flashlights, computer parts and Apple accessories, we ship goods globally.

Lightake.com, which has a knowledgeable support staff, has a great deal of online shopping experience for B2C. Moreover, together with our advanced website technology, the outstanding delivery systems allow Lightake.com to fulfill the orders of our customers in an effective and flexible way.

We think that in today’s high-speed, consumer-oriented business culture, a company Living without the happiness of our customers is difficult. Therefore, we are determined to focus on excellence and take strives to make continuous improvement and creativity, to deliver benefits to customers. (It is the ultimate goal to succeed along with our clients that Lightake sticks to.) Lightake still shares a win-win goal with its clients.