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Businesses should use any protection technology, norm and protocol they can find to avoid intrusions from their back-end systems. The biggest bugs are still found, however, in the front end, where the end-users are seated.

LogmeOnce offers a free computer security system focused on the cloud that helps customers and businesses manage security credentials, reinforce online activities and increase business transactions. With adherence to security best practices and FICAM or Federal Identity Certificate and Access Management, LogmeOnce offers an innovative cross-platform Single Sign-On (SSO), Identity Management (IdM) and Password Management solution.

With huge prospects for the industry in Managing identity, LogmeOnce blends password protection with practicality in the real world, providing a friendly user experience. Since 1986, in the areas of security, network management, CRM, and security management, LogmeOnce’s experienced management team has successfully produced many successful companies. All businesses have won a large customer base, several prestigious national and foreign industry awards, and active investments in M&A or venture capital.