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Out of unforeseen kindness, our story started. After tragedy hit his family, Jeff, the creator, was introduced to hemp by a neighbor who noticed his health problems. “For years, I was in a fog. My father-in-law died and then my wife died 10 days later, so I never really got to stop crying until I had to become a single parent. And then I began to have panic attacks that I thought were a heart attack, and then I went down the medication course.

His life turned around as the advantages of hemp oil surfaced, and a healthier journey started. He finally discovered that the advantages of a compound called cannabidiol came from (CBD). It was his goal to assist five People get healthier each day by adding CBD to them. With each day, his passion for hemp grew tremendously, and it became obvious what people wanted: efficient, laboratory-tested CBD products from a trustworthy company.

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