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Majestic Pet Products, Inc.

Centered in Irvine, CA, Majestic Pet Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of pet products. The origins of Majestic date back to 1994 when they began making dog collars and leashes, and their product line has since grown to include a selection of pet beds, cat trees, cages, fences, and more. Some of the most talented product creators, graphic designers, customer satisfaction enthusiasts and marketing professionals are included in the Majestic squad, all led by a top notch management team. The continuous production of new and creative products by Majestic has gained them a reputation within the industry for quality and excellence. At Majestic Pet, our mission is simple, it is to create quality products, that To help worthy causes, give great value and provide excellent customer service, all while sharing in our success. Via leading online and brick and mortar stores, you can find Majestic goods sold nationwide. For continued development, Majestic Pet is well-positioned. A part of the profits of Majestic Pet goods go to benefit the country’s animal shelters and rescue centers.