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Latin, noun 1. Materiae (muh-teer-ee-ay) About what really counts. The ultimate online beauty destination created by passionate individuals for impeccable brands.

This digital platform, created by cool and industry veteran connoisseur David Pirrotta, is built to showcase only the best of the best in fashion. From hair to toe, scent to face oil, Materiae only offers brands that meet the strict set of requirements of Pirrotta. If a product isn’t a “triple threat”—i.e., a creative recipe housed in shelfie-worthy packaging created by a truly inspirational founder—you won’t find it on our shelves. In the course of his illustrious career, after launching 76 brands (and counting!), Pirrotta is Committed to building a space for discerning, advice-hungry customers to discover a carefully curated product range and talk shop with some of the beauty biz’s most insightful experts. Discover your new favorites with just a few taps, score insider secrets, and get inspired.