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The personalized gift is the one at the party that gets passed around! It makes you feel good to give, and receiving is even more special! Owing to their excellent skills and enthusiasm, all of our crew were hand-picked. Our team of talented designers have created the majority of the designs we sell, and they are only available on our website.

When we went to look for an acceptable location to make our personalized goods, we set a very high standard. We decided to find a place where our goods could be produced to the highest quality standards, a premium product that we could sell to the consumer at regular prices. After visiting over a hundred factories, we discovered our ideal match with the When we met our local partner and saw what their team of artisans could produce, the combination of quality and personal attention of the owners. After we made the decision, we joined forces to allow not only the highest quality personalized output to be obtained, but also those that you might design yourself.

All of the goods in our specialized line are manufactured using quality materials with a known provenance in compliance with the highest sustainable practices. We use quality products from Germany and Japan.