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Welcome to Popviva®, a feminine fashion brand that epitomizes the wearer’s personality and style. Our vision is to create simple yet edgy designs that play with each piece with graphic silhouettes, smart tailoring and an underlying hint of grunge twist, innovating our unique style suitable for women who are knowledgeable and confident.

We are convinced that all women shine through their trust. Therefore, we not only embellish their outer layers, but we also ensure that they also feel good from within. Popviva® was born as a result. In the effortless, relaxed and comfortable Popviva ® style, capturing market trends and innovation in color, quality fabrics and shapes and expressing them. Effortless one Style, authenticity and easy-going living are at the core of the philosophy of Popviva®.

At every level, from laid-back tailoring to made-to-last quality, the use of natural materials and responsible production, these positive values shine through. For more details, contact us by email at hello@popviva.com.

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