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Portions Master

The Portions Master Skinny Plate has established a solution that trains people by showing them how much food and the amounts of food they can consume at each meal to eat healthier portion sizes. The Portions Master Slim Plate strategy has streamlined and revolutionized how individuals reach and sustain their weight objectives; reducing their overall risk of over-eating health complications. People who need to monitor chronic health problems, or to lose weight, may use this special plating device.

By seeing the right quantity of food on your plate and reconditioning your eating habits, long-lasting effects are obtained. For the whole family, it is safe and easy to use and Develop healthier eating habits, reducing their potential risk factors for diabetes and obesity dramatically.

Each Portions Master Skinny plate is designed to provide the correct food volume for each food category instead of measuring the amount of calorie intake per food item. In collaboration with nutritionists, dietitians, and health care practitioners, this framework was developed. It is currently being used in 2 major North American clinical trials.