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Puzzle Master

A Canadian distributor of a wide variety of wood puzzles, metal & wire brain teasers, jigsaws, rotational puzzles, Rubiks cubes, games, toys and much more is Puzzle Master.

Puzzle Master Inc began in the collection of wire puzzles because of an interest owner, Allan Stein. He started selling them in craft shows, temporary Christmas malls kiosks, and a downtown Saskatoon physical store/manufacturing plant (now in the northern industrial region of Saskatoon at 832 A Cynthia Street).

Allan made traditional puzzles at the beginning, which were invented hundreds and even thousands of years earlier. Allan soon started taking those conventional designs and adding a creative touch of his own. Allan in 1997 With the website www.puzzlemaster.ca, which now has the largest range of mechanical brain teasers and PDF solutions for sale in the world, an online presence has been established. From the ardent collector to the casual puzzler, from the young to the elderly and everything in between, it is a place for everyone.

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