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$10 off on order over $129



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Established in October 2018, SALEDRESS is an international online fashion shop for clothes. In the marketplace, we’re special, offering clients some of the best offers and discounted online apparel.

We realize with the great friendship with some Amazon sellers that many sellers on Amazon sell the same item, the same style, the same quality and from the same factory. But not every seller can make sales that are successful. Then, because of the misjudgments and poor management, some items were overwhelmed, even though the same item had hit the incredible amazing sales on Amazon. We get those stocks from various Amazon sellers and great apparel factories to achieve double-win cooperation and promote them in the To alleviate their inventory pressure, the lowest price. So you can find your favorite dress at Saledress for an incredible price, never again pay the recommended retail price.

In three months, we have sold more than 10,000 parts, and updated thousands of SKUs every month. In addition, we have built our own VIP community to provide our clients with more personalized services.

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