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Steiff USA

Steiff is the largest producer of high-end toys and collectibles worldwide. Steiff is, indeed, the only “luxury” toy brand on the market today. Steiff is globally known for its excellent quality and still uses conventional materials and proven production methods to manufacture its special and highly valued items.

Steiff has been manufacturing soft toys and collectibles since 1880, which set the world standard for quality. Perhaps the company is best known for its bears — the Teddy bear was invented by Steiff in 1902. More than 16,000 different designs for animals have been produced since the firm was founded by Margarete Steiff in 1880. The bits of Antique Steiff are regularly sold on the The Thousands of Dollars Secondary Sector.

Steiff animals are made of 100 percent cotton velvet, 100 percent wool felt, mohair, alpaca, cashmere, and valuable woven plush, a commodity normally reserved for the high-fashion industry. Often called family heirlooms, Steiff goods are passed from generation to generation.