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Tribit Audio

Established in 2010, Thousandshores Inc., formerly known as Hisgadget Inc., by two young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, set out to provide creative, high-quality consumer electronics to enrich and enhance daily life.

With a single focus, Tribit was born: to bring the masses great beats. Only through our amazing team of sound engineers and architecture maestros is our pursuit of audio perfection made possible. With our lead audio engineer coming from one of the largest US audio brands with over 15 years of experience, Tribit brought together experts in the audio industry. Together, in our earpieces, tweaking and tuning, we spent day and night fussing about the smallest specifics, so that we You might create pieces that would bring out the best of your favorite songs. In 2016, Tribit debuted on the market with its own signature sound after months of tweaking, tuning and checking our sound drivers; a resonating bass, strong treble and balance all around.

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