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Zotto Sleep


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Zotto Sleep

In order to have the ultimate sleep experience, Zotto is an ultra-premium memory foam mattress that leverages cutting edge foam technology, high-quality fabrics and decades of foam manufacturing experience. The Zotto mattress has a patented configuration of four layers of memory foam and is available in six standard sizes of mattress: Twin, TwinXL, Complete, Queen, King and Cal King). Zotto sells to customers directly through a state-of-the-art online store located at (Online store launched Fall 2015 after a successful campaign on crowdfunding site Kickstarter). After a special compressing and sealing process, mattresses are packed and shipped to the homes of consumers in a small box.

Good sleep to sleep It’s difficult to locate. So, as the adage says, you do it yourself if you want everything done properly. And make it brilliant. So that’s what we wanted to do exactly when we set out to build Zotto. We focused on the variables that cause poor sleep and experimented with concepts, materials and configurations that tackled these factors instead of concentrating solely on comfort or improving on old technology.

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